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Every woman wants to look good at any age. Over the years, the aging of the skin is inevitable. SkinVitalis (SkinVitalis)- serum against wrinkles, quickly return the youthfulness and stop the aging of cells.

SkinVitalis - pharmacy, real opinions, buy now, price

Every woman wants to look young regardless of age.

For this she is ready not only to apply cosmetics on skin care products every day, but even use the unpleasant and expensive cosmetic procedures or plastic surgery.

However, this is no longer necessary. Online sale serum "Liftensyn" that promises to rejuvenate you quickly and painlessly.

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Anti-wrinkle serum SkinVitalis

"Liftensyn" is anti-wrinkle serum for women after 30 years. It is alleged that after 1 course of application you'll get the same effect as after 2.5 years of using other cosmetics.

The beauty of it is enough to spend only 3 minutes a day. After 8 days you will see in the mirror tangible results that will bring "Liftensyn".

Judging by the photo, published on the official website, anti-wrinkle serum could substitute for Botox or even plastic surgery.

It eliminates wrinkles in 4 weeks, removes pigmentation on the skin, making it shiny and elastic.

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The claimed benefits of whey:

  • penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, so rejuvenate it not only outside but inside;
  • no analogues in composition;
  • lowest price – 70 les per day;
  • natural substances in the composition.

Usage instructions SkinVitalis

"Liftensyn" is applied to the skin 1 time a day. This should be done regularly for the expressed rejuvenating effect. From the text on the official website you can see that:

  • the first result you will see after the first application;
  • significant rejuvenation – after 8 days;
  • complete facial rejuvenation in a month.

Judging by the advertising text, the producers of "Liftensyn" suggest you to use this serum for life and for the long-term preservation of youthful skin.

Composition SkinVitalis

"Liftensyn" contains the following "natural" components:

  • glycerin;
  • Niacinamide;
  • hyaluronic acid;
  • propylene glycol;
  • allantoin;
  • provitamin B5;
  • ascorbyl magnesium phosphate;
  • lactic acid.

Although some of the components in the serum with anti-aging effect is indeed of natural origin.

Among them:

  • lavender;
  • raspberry;
  • pelargonium;
  • lemon.

As you can see, substances of synthetic origin are considerably prevail over natural extracts. It is obvious that the opinion of the sellers of "natural" serum "Liftensyn" is wrong.

The opinion of the doctor SkinVitalis

In the "Liftensyn" no substances, which could provide significant anti-aging effect. Therefore, we can assume that the woman in the photo rejuvenated photoshop, and not a cosmetic serum.

Hardly "Liftensyn" differs according to the degree of exposure to the skin from any other cosmetic products. Perhaps this is a good serum for daily care of face. But a pronounced rejuvenating effect to expect from it is not worth it.


Negative reviews much less. But these, too, come across. They relate to efficiency in the use of cosmetics.

An example of a real negative review:


"Liftensyn" costs ...per pack. Also on the official website States that one day of applying the serum takes from your pocket "only" ....

It is easy to calculate that in 10 days this way you will spend ..., and a month – .... It cost two and a half packs anti-aging serum "Liftensyn".

For cosmetic with cheap total price seems too high.

Where to buy - SkinVitalis?

"Liftensyn" hard to find in stores cosmetics. Therefore it is better to order this anti-aging serum on the official website: . You need to fill out the order form and confirm it by phone.

What is your address and the next day to this address will be sent parcel post. "Liftensyn" you can pick up at the post office within 5-7 days of ordering.

Real reviews SkinVitalis

With regular use according to results of clinical testing are able to get rid of 70% of fine lines and wrinkles.

Contains lactic acid, provitamin B5, amino acids, detox components which purify and revive aging skin.

Causes premature aging of the skin

Intensive rejuvenating serum Licensin.

For a long time it was thought that wrinkles is a extremely age feature. But, unfortunately, it is not. In recent years one can observe as aging skin have enough young women who reach the critical age is still very far away.

This is due to many reasons:

  • excessive emotionality, accompanied by certain facial expressions;
  • improper diet;
  • environmental problems;
  • diseases of the internal organs;
  • dermatological infection;
  • constantly feel stress and nervous tension;
  • frequent and compulsive use of supplements affecting the structure of the skin;
  • endocrine disorders;
  • genetic predisposition;
  • menopausal state.

Each reason can have a significant impact on the outer skin condition. There are many modern methods of solving these problems, but not always, among them is acceptable for a particular person.

Of course, with the help of plastic surgery one can get rid of most unwanted defects, but the cost of all procedures is quite large.

Even with the availability of funds in the data manipulation required to allocate a considerable amount of time as the rehabilitation period after them long enough. Not every woman will choose such.

Description serum Licensin

Women have to spend a lot of time and effort for their beauty and youth. The first signs of aging appear on the skin, which immediately gives and sometimes adds, female age.

Many women decided on surgical procedures and costly procedures to delay the process.

Serum Licensin.

Unique serum allows at home properly and regularly care for the skin of the face and neck. With this means women should not be afraid of the rapid decay of beauty.

The difference of serum Liftensyn from peers

Action Liptenini aimed at renewal and nourishment of the skin of the face and neck.

A beneficial effect is substantiated the following actions:

  • the skin fully heals and is updated;
  • restored full blood flow through the vessel;
  • the skin is smoothed and becomes fresh;
  • eliminates dark spots and a greasy Shine;
  • smoothed out scars and other skin irregularities;
  • face and neck evenly moistened;
  • fade wrinkles around the eyes;
  • facial contour becomes clearer.

This unique serum effect is achieved thanks to its natural components. They can dramatically change a woman and younger.

The serum SkinVitalis

The creation of any cosmetic products takes a lot of time and effort. It is especially difficult to select the components for an anti-aging supplement. He should not just eliminate the external problem, but also to prevent its re-occurrence.

Excellent results after applying the serum Licensin.

Such huge results can be achieved only thanks to its unique composition:

  • lactic acid gently cares for the skin, giving it smoothness;
  • pore cleansing perfectly carries out the lemon extract, which is part of the serum;
  • enriching the skin with oxygen occurs via ascorbyl phosphate which still saves from toxins;
  • raspberry copes with pigment spots and evens the skin;
  • to restore the skin's moisture balance helps propylene glycol, it also nourishes the face with nutrients;
  • for improving firmness and elasticity hyaluronic acid is responsible;
  • allatoin activates the regenerative processes and heals the place of inflammation;
  • the acceleration of the rejuvenation of the skin occurs due to Pro-vitamin B5;
  • alignment for deep wrinkles is engaged in the resin of acacia;
  • increased oiliness of the skin effectively removes glycerin;
  • from the effects of climatic phenomena the skin protects niacinamid.

Each component in the composition of the supplement fulfills a specific function, and in combination with each other, their actions become more effective. It is this connection of components allows to achieve anti-aging effect in the shortest time possible.

This is confirmed by many women who are already using the tool. This proves once again that the newest supplement Licensin — though not divorce.

Application features SkinVitalis

Beauticians advise to use this serum to people who have reached the age of thirty. The beginning of its use need not be associated with the appearance of first wrinkles. On the contrary, it is best to do prevention.

Brief usage instructions:

  • Before applying the skin need to carefully wash your face and a little to steam it. After that it is recommended to use sc.
  • The serum is applied with a flick of fingertips to cleansed skin. When applying, a little pushing, lubricate the skin with the supplement. Then wait when the substance is completely absorbed. The supplement does not require rinsing, like other resources. And after absorption of the serum Liftensyn, you can safely apply any cosmetics.

The specialists insist on the daily use of the serum for five weeks. For maximum effectiveness, the product is applied twice a day. This is enough to forget about wrinkles and their appearance on the skin.

Customer reviews and beauticians about the serum Liftensyn

The best thing about as you can tell the buyers themselves.

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Almost all of them are very satisfied with the use of serum. Especially note that from the very beginning to the face returns the freshness and blooming appearance. With each time more skin is smoothed and becomes more supple and elastic. Elderly women recommend to their friends the serum as the best remedy for age spots.

Beauticians about this serum also respond enthusiastically. Experts noted that even after the procedure the woman of the house should not stop to take care of themselves. The serum helped even the ladies, which are not operated cosmetic procedure.

Where it is possible to order the original serum Liftened with fast delivery to your city?

Serum Liftensyn.

Once in the free market there is a good supplement, it immediately start to duplicate the Scam. The use of a fake is not just useless, but sometimes dangerous for life, because it includes absolutely unknown ingredients.

Taking care of their customers, the manufacturer has decided to stop bulk sales serum. Therefore, at present it can only be purchased on the official website of the manufacturer.

Delivery of the supplement is carried out in two ways: through the mail and courier service. In the first case the payment is cash upon receipt of goods on hand. In the second case is given in cash to the courier who brings a package to the home buyer.

  • Russia — 99 .
  • Kazakhstan — 99 tenge

* Book for a special promotion right now and get an exclusive gift for the order!

Attention! Request you no obligation! You can for free to get advice or expert assistance in the selection of the course.

Specialists SkinVitalis

Anti-aging skin can not be insured, but now, thanks to modern technology and medicine, you can turn back time, and even become more beautiful than before. No more wrinkles, aging and withering, now all this can be left in the past.

What is the secret of this unique supplement?

By the way, I suggest you read the reviews of renowned doctors and real people, which we have collected. Perhaps they push you for a decision in the direction Liptenini.

  • "the Eternal youth of Sofia Rotaru" or as 2 weeks to look younger at 30 years
  • The Ministry of health of the Russian Federation: Injection — of-date. the last data announced by K. M. N. And E. Bezvershenko

Where are the wrinkles SkinVitalis

Contrary to the opinion of the vast number of people, wrinkles appear not because of age-related changes, although it also plays an important role. The main reasons for their occurrence:

  • facial expressions;
  • changing tastes, especially in food;
  • bad ecology;
  • diseases of the skin and internal organs;
  • improper diet;
  • stress;
  • taking certain medications;
  • age fading;
  • the metabolic disorders;
  • heredity;
  • menopause.

Methods for getting rid of wrinkles has invented a great many. List them for a very long time – from surgery to creams and serums. Most of them are regarding can help, especially plastic surgery, but there are all these tools for getting rid of wrinkles fabulous money.

Beautiful and young look all women want, and cash is enough not every. The Golden mean in this situation are a variety of serums, lotions and creams.

True, they are not so cheap and not to buy a pacifier, it is important to understand which of these supplements is actually working.

Many months the best minds of medicine working on innovative means to guarantee getting rid of wrinkles Liftensyn.

The precise proportions of the effective components, great result – all this is now available at a reasonable cost any of the fairer sex, regardless of age and financial situation.

Learn more about the tool SkinVitalis

Licensin only appeared on the cosmetics market, but has already managed to win the hearts of many women. There is nothing surprising in this fact, because the tool really helps to get rid of wrinkles. supplement Licensin actually magic, but no magic in it, just wonderful ingredients:

  • lactic acid for careful and gentle polishing of the skin;
  • lemon extract removes dead skin cells, dust and dirt from the pores;
  • ascorbyl phosphate nourishes the skin with oxygen and eliminates toxins;
  • raspberry extract removes even less visible dark spots, evens skin tone and restores its normal structure;
  • propylene glycol in the composition Liptenini restores moisture balance in skin cells, besides satiating nutrients;
  • hyaluronic acid eliminates dandruff and restores the oval of the face and restores elasticity;
  • allantoin heals damage and removes inflammation;
  • provitamin B5 accelerates the regeneration, contributing to accelerated rejuvenation;
  • the resin Senegalese acacia, she's Italians, smoothes even deep wrinkles;
  • glycerin successfully eliminates Shine;
  • Niacinamide protects from external factors such as wind, sun and dust.

All of these components in the composition of the supplement Licensin work fine by themselves. They have been created and other means, but not as effective as the supplement Liftensyn.

All the proportions were very accurately matched, and the combination of components is such that it enhances the action of each of them many times. This is proven by the hundreds who applied Licensin women.

Nothing complicated about it.

Where to buy SkinVitalis

Tool Liftensyn purchase pharmacy yet. The supplement only enters the markets supplements for the treatment of wrinkles, there are many procedures associated with bureaucracy.

In the foreseeable future to Liptenini on the world market, and then it will be available at any pharmacy within walking distance.

But manufacturers found a way out of this situation – Liftensyn available on the official website. It's pretty simple:

Make your order now SkinVitalis!

  • to visit the official website (here it is);
  • fill in the order form;
  • wait for the call operator;
  • confirm purchase Liptenini;
  • to order by mail;
  • to pay for the goods;
  • use and enjoy the results.

Another important advantage Liptenini is its price.

Regardless of the dollar, cost of oil and other price indicators the threshold is not Liptenini does not change – only a thousand les. This cost makes the juvaderm is available to all women.

By the way, the manufacturer genuinely cares about their potential customers, and even on the official website (here it is) you can find mention of the two closest analogues Liptenini from wrinkles, if the supplement has an Allergy.

  1. Cream Glycerin copes with wrinkles, plus a few days gets rid of dark circles under the eyes. Complete with cream are the ampoule with the active substance, significantly accelerating the regeneration of tissues.
  2. Serum Nano-Botox attracted by its form of release, so it is convenient to take with you wherever you go, for example, in travel. You'll be a cumulative effect and prolonged action, and therefore the longer the treatment, the better the leather looks.

Tool overview SkinVitalis

You can read about Liftensyn, both negative and positive feedback. Many women are concerned about how to preserve the beauty of 40 and after.

What you need to do this? Indeed, over time, wrinkles appear, which is quite inappropriate.

Immediately the question arises, how to get rid of them? Serum smoothes wrinkles, removes age spots, prevents dehydration of the skin. Solves all our problems!

The product has a special appearance with a special sticker and code. Always check to avoid trouble. It includes four stages of a complete transformation, which we will discuss later.

Negative reviews about "Liftensyn"

Anna, 30 years: have Ordered one. Want to look gorgeous every day and at any age. Eagerly waiting for my parcel. Here my order came on time. But when unpacking I found that a little dented. As it turned out – by chance crushed in the mail. In principle, the goods I'm happy.

Angelica, 30 years: I'm always watching my face. Want a perfect, I have it basically always is. This is the reason I always do everything on time. But now with age I have begun to appear wrinkles. As they say it will affect everyone, it is inevitable.

I always use all sorts of anti-aging kraskami. My sister advised me Liftensyn from wrinkles, says that the tool is simply super! I first started looking on the Internet all about this serum, composition, manufacturer, and other. I need to know what I'm going to put on the face.

Be careful and order only from the official website. I ordered and waiting for the second order.

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Ilona, 19 years: I have in principle no more wrinkles. But this means I ordered, don't know why. Habit to buy everything. A little parcel was detained, and so all is well.

Katya, 34 years: Ordered a week ago. But the shipment has not arrived. Don't know why, perhaps incorrectly filled out the application. Now I will recheck everything.

Check SkinVitalis and improve life

Where and how to buy "Liftensyn"

Face serum against wrinkles is gaining popularity with each passing day. It perfectly conceals fine lines and creates a beautiful complexion. Every girl dreams to have a perfect face. Now there is such an opportunity. You can buy it on the official website to avoid fake. The product is certified. The price it best.

You need to fill out an application on the website. After you will contact the consultant to discuss and confirm the order. Now just have to wait until you deliver the goods.

Description SkinVitalis

Anti-aging anti-wrinkle serum solves most of the problems:

— Eliminates sagging of the skin;

— Smoothes wrinkles;

— Eliminates age spots;

— Eliminates dryness of the skin.

It consists of:

— Raspberry extract – nourishes and regenerates the skin;

— Niacin amide – controls sebum production;

Hyaluronic acid – keeps the skin young;

— Lactic acid and lemon – like tone;

— Extract of pelargonium and lavender – smooth wrinkles and tighten face;

— Vitamin B5 and allantoin – reduce inflammation.

The principle of operation and how to use

Liftensyn Sittensen consists of four stages:

— Updated skin;

— Normalizes the sebaceous glands;

— Improves skin tone, wrinkles;

— To become elastic and healthy face.

Why is this tool the best of the rest:

— Natural composition;

— No analogues;

— Eliminates the problems not only outside but from inside;

— The effect is noticeable already after one week.

Serum smoothes wrinkles. In order to achieve the desired result, it should be used every day. Apply to clean face, pressing the dispenser.

Real reviews about the "Liftensyn"

Tatiana, 28 years: I also ordered this serum. The effect is incredible. Even though I have not seen that Liftensyn divorce. Removes even deep wrinkles! Most importantly, the composition includes only natural ingredients. I still rejoice in his face. Would recommend.

Marina, 40 years: I'm just surprised by the effect. The composition is super, the price is optimum! It is better not to find! Suggest to all your friends and acquaintances. The main order on the official website, so as not to stumble upon fraudsters.

Catherine, 38 years: I also ordered the serum from wrinkles to flatten the surface of the skin. The result was a surprised, unique, and most importantly versatile! I recommend to all! Optimal price, super quality!

The result of using SkinVitalis

LIFTENSYN of wrinkles allows you to stop the aging process of the skin. Consider what is a lifting serum with Botox-like effect.

LIFTENSYN from wrinkles

The desire to be perfect and irresistible seen in people of any age and gender. Often can be seen as a very young twenty-year-old girl stands in front of the mirror and is horrified that she appeared the first wrinkles. Of course in her words there though, as initially appear wrinkles at an early age and available to all people.

This process stops the nerve impulses that result in muscle contraction. As a result, the skin relaxes and begins to recover.

Additional components that are part of Bontocs, contribute to improving the regeneration process.

What is whey LIFTENSYN from wrinkles

What is the miraculous power of this serum LIFTENSYN for rejuvenation from age-related wrinkles? However if you can use it to achieve good results? Given all the feedback we can confidently report that it is effective. So what is her secret?

Lifting serum with Botox effect has such advantages:

  • The use of the supplement, on the face does not appear frozen mask, so the face looks very natural.
  • The effectiveness of the outcome can be assessed after a couple of weeks.
  • It's not dangerous supplements, they do not contribute to addictive.
  • The effectiveness of this formulation consists of a unique composition. All items included in the tool, play a role in promoting the action of other elements.

For example, a synthesized peptide that acts like the venom of the temple kufii, smoothes and restore the skin. These elements function the way that they block the nerve cells that reduce wrinkles.


Buy real LIFTENSYN serum serum recommended on the manufacturer's website. Please, after use, in the comments to leave feedback.

100% guarantee

The serum LIFTENSYN anti-wrinkle

Composition LIFTENSYN:

  • Raspberry extract is anti-inflammatory, which makes it possible to fade the skin, which is influenced by the aggressive environment. Acts as a shield that protects against the effects of ultraviolet rays.
  • Olive oil softens the skin and helps retain moisture and restores the skin.
  • Rosemary is an antioxidant agent which promotes nutrition, hydration, skin toning, the skin gets youthful and firmer look.
  • Lemon extract – infuses the skin with minerals and vitamins required for proper nutrition. Smoothes skin creases, causing wrinkles. There is a deep hydration of the epidermis.
  • Lavender — it is the process of skin regeneration, prevents oxidative processes. Effectively protects from the aggressive sun and moisturizes the skin, giving it comfort and softness.
  • Niacinamide makes the skin elastic and healthy.
  • Vitamin E and multivitamins nourish the skin and protect from UV rays.

Lifting serum LIFTENSYN from wrinkles

Lifting serum LIFTENSYN anti-wrinkle effect of Botox allows the facial muscles to relax and stop decrease, causing the skin is restored.

Because of the good ingredients included in the composition, it lifts up facial contour and wrinkles, leveling the overall skin texture. Aesthetic appearance of the face is much improved, so the reflection in the mirror can not but rejoice.

Instructions on how to apply LIFTENSYN

In order to achieve this result in the summary line, you must use a serum, adhering to all the provisions in the instructions. All necessary instructions are on the package.

  • Serum LIFTENSYN apply on dry and clean skin. The serum can be used in such areas of the face like around the eyes, in the nasolabial area, neckline and neck.
  • You can only use the optimum amount of supplement. After a couple of days after using you can see exactly what number of you is perfect.
  • Now we need to wait until fully absorbed. It is not necessary to wash off water.

If you follow all the points, it is possible for the shortest possible time to achieve a positive effect.

Women a considerable amount of time paying attention to their appearance and want to preserve their youth and beauty. How does the appearance of lines and wrinkles on the face?

  • Beauty fades considerably, and now she's not as attractive as earlier
  • The effect is compounded by changes that occur with age: loss of firmness, elasticity, slow down the recovery processes
  • Due to physiological changes that can occur and psychological: significantly reduced self-esteem, the girl is constantly not satisfied with its appearance.

Then observed the formation of an inferiority complex that can lead to prolonged depression. Serum LIFTENSYN able to prevent all of the above effects.

Reviews SkinVitalis

Hello, my name is Victoria. I will try to tell you about a serum for the face Liftensyn! To all oils and creams, I am skeptical. Long choose, read up in advance and expect results. In most cases, everything remains unchanged!

Serum Liftened I was advised to by a friend. All anything, but the result I saw with my own eyes. He impressed me and I asked for the address of the official website.

What made me buy Liftensyn

To be honest, did not expect that I will not touch the problem with the skin. But I thought to 30 years... Then came the fine lines or as they are also called beauticians "crow's feet". Appeared bags under the eyes, the skin became dull and not attractive. Was only saved by summer's sun, and like that the skin was glowing and my morning reflection in the mirror I was pleased.

And then I realized it was time to act! In the description of the serum Liftensyn specified that it eliminates all these disadvantages. Decided to take a chance)))

The opinions of customers and experts about remedy for wrinkles

I needed the feedback of real people on the serum liftensyn. Found quite a lot of them, most of them were positive.

Maybe this is another "duck" or self-hypnosis? And then I remembered about my good friend. She is a dermatologist. After examining the composition, the expert came to the conclusion that all components of natural, carefully selected ingredients. They complement each other and actively affect the skin. But I didn't stop! I needed the opinion of a true guru of your craft. And I found it.

Composition and instructions for use Liptenini

So, what is it Liftensyn anti-wrinkle serum. Let's start with the composition:

  • lemon and lactic acid change the color of the skin, kill bacteria, fungi;
  • Niacinamide is responsible for the normalization of the sebaceous glands;
  • hyaluronic acid improves firmness of the skin;
  • the extract of raspberry nourishes the skin and accelerates the natural regeneration;
  • allantoin and vitamin complex fight inflammation;
  • lavender extract smoothes wrinkles and tightens.

How to use face serum SkinVitalis

Usage instructions are simple. It is recommended to use the serum in the course of one month. Optionally, extend the period of use.

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Anything new in the instructions I have found. As usual:

  1. Prepare your skin for serum (wash off makeup, clean the surface).
  2. Pat the skin dry with a towel.
  3. Remedy lightly warm in your palms and squeeze a small drop him on the hand.
  4. Apply oil on the skin of the face and neck.
  5. Gently massaging evenly until absorbed.

It is important to use the serum twice a day — morning and before bedtime. Other cosmetics you do not need, because Liftensyn contains all the moisturizing and nourishing substances.

Very well, the producers pointed out in the instructions for use of serum and contraindications for use.

And suddenly you have an Allergy to some ingredient? Better to check back hands the body's response than to see her morning face. Manufacturers claim that the tool can be used even during pregnancy and lactation. Apply Licensin allowed at any age, but it is better to start with 30 years, when they begin to show the first signs of aging.

Check SkinVitalis and improve life

How and where to buy a real, quality product SkinVitalis

Convinced of the correctness of his choice, I went for the purchase. In stores and pharmacies do not sell the serum. Most likely in retail stores, but those of us in the city. The product was original, no fake , I went to the official website.

Fill the coupon on purchase of whey Liftensyn. After a short period of time I was contacted by the Manager. Discussed all the details of purchase – delivery time, the nearest post office to my house.

For those who are worried about divorce writing payment is due upon receipt.

I'm prepared for the long wait, but in vain. After exactly 4 days on the phone it's SMS notification about the arrival of my package.

The best supplement SkinVitalis

One of the best products for fighting wrinkles is serum Liftensyn, reviews of which are positive. The tool has perfect features and allows you to cope with all the defects of the skin. Manage to eliminate the signs of early aging and to start the process of recovery.

Development Liftensyn engaged the best professionals. To make the serum used proven components.

Included SkinVitalis

Very soon You will notice positive results. The skin becomes more youthful and fresh, it is possible to get rid of all possible shortcomings.

The opinion of the doctor SkinVitalis

After thirty years begin to appear the visible signs of aging. Over time they become more pronounced and lead to the formation of signs of aging. But this problem can be dealt with proper care.

The perfect solution for you will be whey Liftensyn. The tool is innovative, the basis for its development is the latest achievements of specialists. They were able to create a fundamentally new supplement that has an active effect on the skin.

With Liftensyn you can get rid of wrinkles and age-related changes. The supplement is one of the most efficient in its class. He copes with all the tasks, you will appreciate the positive results.

Where to buy - SkinVitalis?

So, judging by the description, we have the tool of the future, supplement that can restore youth, because so much scientific evidence on the advertising website, a shocking scientific discoveries even phrases like "the regeneration of skin cells at the DNA level", I have not seen.

To bear such pseudo-scientific nonsense about a complete rejuvenation without full delivery of the composition, seems to me criminal, so this means you need a full analysis on the conformity of the structure and promises of the manufacturer.

The product SkinVitalis

On the seller composition is presented as a rare complex "dual bioextracto" and collected all the new-fangled components to rejuvenate, which are divided into pairs, apparently this makes them "duality":

  • — hyaluronic acid and Niacinamide are responsible for circulation, moisture retention and elasticity
  • — raspberry extract and magnesium phosphate for filling the skin with antioxidants and healing of wounds,
  • lemon extract and lactic acid evens the skin tone and tightens pores,
  • — lavender extract and extract of pelargonium have a lifting effect and tightens fine lines,
  • — provitamin B5 and allantoin have anti-inflammatory effect.

If for a moment imagine that all these expensive components is in the part of the funds for .... les, it still is unclear how the serum functions as a common moisturizer will help you to rejuvenate and smooth out wrinkles?

The mention of the lavender and pelargonium and lifting effect that they provide, unsubstantiated and have nothing but the imagination of the manufacturer. The remaining components, following the description given in the website: will moisturize, even skin tone and retain moisture.

Where is the promised changes at the genetic level? Due to what the tool "will determine the causes of aging, adapt to them and become to interfere with them"?

This process, deep-rooted, stems from the shortening of telomeres, end sections of DNA at the ends of chromosomes. The function of telomeres – protect cells from degradation and destruction, it's some protective barrier mechanisms, which over time and multiple divisions lose nucleotides, and each time a division occurs, all with heavy losses to the telomere.

Eventually, the cell ceases to have the ability to be updated by the division and it is natural aging. To stop this happening at the gene level process, not a force any cosmetic treatment, no matter how wonderful composition, it did not possess.

If it is not given as an injection under the skin, and is present in the composition of the cosmetic product, it only temporarily fills in skin imperfections and cracks while helping to moisturize and firming the skin thanks to its hygroscopic properties. Needless to say that in this case the effect will be short-lived? And generally speaking, where the composition of the Liftensyn collagen is of animal, vegetable or marine origin? Right, it's not there.

Method of application SkinVitalis

Method of application consists in applying this tool, 2-3 drops for 28 days. Mentioned activation of the immune defense, prevention of skin cancer and other wonderful, but unrealistic effects.

In addition, information on the investment of $ 20 million.

in the development of this tool in independent laboratories in the US and Switzerland, whereas on the website there is not even a banal certificate of conformity and confirmation of clinical trials, where there is a clear error in scheduling: one paragraph is repeated twice, which clearly speaks of vysokomarochnogo and seriousness of these studies.

On this site it is, of course, recommends Liftensyn really dishonest marketers represent his A. B. Lebedev, doctor -- a naturopathic physician.

Summary SkinVitalis

Anti-wrinkle serum Liftensyn is staggering to his promises to rejuvenate the skin, while the product is similar to a normal moisturizer, even without the collagen in the composition.

Frankly fake evidence of clinical trials, putting millions of money into the development of this tool and fake reviews of doctors – all said about the unreliability of this product.

It is important to understand that rejuvenation is a process that occurs on a deep DNA level, and without medical intervention, using only a questionable cosmetic product, to achieve any result impossible.

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